trying to keep up!

Its been a very busy month of  March!.
I had a solo show curated Frankie Velez at the Harlem Wine Gallery, A nice turn out as I played catch up with old friends and made new ones.
Met the CEO of Student union clothing who wanted to work with me. you can see his line at this link

I also participated  with Artwhino for the 2014 cherry blast in D.C.
Which I did have a blast!.

Caught up with my Baltimore family of friends and spent a wonderful time with my Little girl for her birthday, shooting monsters and racing speed boats at the arcades..Perfect birthday party I think!

So I was aproached by to create some art on a skate board for May show that they are planning on. They want the artist to document the process so here is a first look at what I am planning to do. A leather wearing hottie with a chained spike ball being dragged.

There are other projects I have in the works, but you going to have to come back and find out about later .. :)
My friend Richard shot pictures at the show.


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