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Circus de Lust

A new Project im working on, its slow to do at the moment with the flux of commission work coming at me,,but i still am able to produce a lil something on my nights when everyone is sleeping.

I work best this way,,cant help it, I'm a damn vampire like that..anyway the picture is shoty but its only cause these pieces aren't done yet. I hopefully to make a entire collection and format it into a book by the end of the year..if all goes according to my devilish plan that is.

Frank Frazetta dead at 82

Frank Frazettahas been and im sure will be for ever the only artist that has inspired me so much. His art work breaths life. He not only did fantasy paintings but a wide range of topics, from funny to westerns to movie posters ect.
He battled heart strokes through out end of his life. I met his wife last year , a lovely woman Named Ellie who was the nicest person and also ran his buisness. She died a few months before he did.
The world lost a genius of a artist. I will forever be grateful to be blessed by his work.

Brownie Points

Mothers day is around the corner and what better way to let wifey know she still #1 oil on cnavas 16x20 one day to knock it out in acrylic, another day to do up in oil.