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play with tits

Im planning on finishing this while taking a break from painting. Im not much of a sculpture artist, but that wont stop me from trying. once its all done..Ill smooth it out and bake so I can paint it up. Im finding it hard to make these fingers and details to her face...I want to go with a cartoon style face..So i looked over some of my daughters dolls to see how they mold and painted it. Im leaving the eyes off , so that I can paint them in... I have a long way to go though...took me at least 3 hours just to make one arm...

fantasy art


heres a link to a voting page .i need your vote to help get this in a fantasy art book.
 for this illustration.

word gets around


Civil War theme

Its 3:32 am and after completing a new art piece for my Exhibit..I clean my brushes and start the process to my next piece, which will be part of a Civil War-isk show. I have a blank canvas waiting for me to just jump all over it...with my quick sketch next to it for a guide...Im tired..and about to hit the sack..but the brain has its motor racing at top speed....thinking about my execution..the color palette..the lines..the mood of the piece..will the mystery of the composition grab the viewers attention?..these are the things I usually go to sleep with...which just feeds my imagination even further..I never get bored, as long as I got something to scribble with.

October 5th book release



So after almost being in this for some time, I think I finally found my Muse
her name is ashley and ther is more of her to come...:)

Shes big

Today I decided to go big..bought some boards..cut them out..this one is 60" by 30"...I normally stick to lesser sizes such at 16x20 or this here is a nice jump for me..Im going for a reclining nude..part of a new series I will be doing...stay tuned..:)
Sept 22nd there will be festivities going on with Zombie pin up crew and their unleashing of their new calender, I have been picked to do some body it should be a very very very interesting night in deed. I hope to make some fine strokes with out spilling my paint..ha! I got to pieces made specificly for this exhibiton. Horse shoes and hand grenades 1009 Princess Anne St. Fredericksburg, Va. 22401 540-310-0295
Aug 31st i will be in Brooklyn NY Showing off some of my never seen before New Erotic works. The folks over @ Madam X are throwing a Party in brooklyn and want my work to stimulate the crowed. It should be a fun event, So do come through and meet me and my work there especially if you havent all ready

Elstabo's first erotic book

Here is where My book can be purchased at: click on link below
Elstabo's Erot... By Book Preview

Erotic art book

I finally put some of my erotic paintings in a collection in the form of a book. Ive been working on it for some time and finally sent it out to the printers to see the will soon be be out in the public for purchase, I cant wait!
60 pages in soft and hard cover
about 30$

Zombie Pinups -Cori

I was asked to participate to a event out in Virginia where a group of pinup girls put together a calender of a Zombie theme shoot. im currently working a ink piece 18x24 on papaer. I painted version might be done ( if time allows).

Downtown Fredericksburg

1009 princess Ave

Ill be horsing around along with my art work and some good artist out in old downtown Fredericksburg VA.. I hope the pitch fork mob doesnt come after me... the conservative folks there will have a rude awaking when I arrive on the

Oral addictions

Oral Addiction oil on canvas 4x12

I know that shes bad for me
but I keep coming back to her
Dangerous pleasures that keeps me in a tight grip
the taste of true addiction...


I will be showing in California with a group of awesome artist curated by Andi Garcia.
July 14

how it works sometimes

Sometimes I'll start out with an idea..but along the sort of changes into something else...I wonder sometimes how and why it happens...but  I do know this much..I should not fight it...and just let it happen. most of the time it will be better than what I had originaly planned. ( of course others will argue that statement)... ;)

Urban decay art show

My work will be on exhibit along with a great list of artist this June 2 at the Work house in Lorton VA.

fast cars + girls = :)

The 80s was big on Martial arts flicks, I could remember American film companies jumping into it with mediocre Ninja films of all sorts, - (Chuck Norris, Micheal Dudikoff cheer leading  the way).

I love them yes, even the corney ones...but if I had to suggest good japanese martial art stuff I would suggest these two (from my collection)

starting with most recent favorite.

13 Assassins

and the classic Shogun Assassin

...theres nothing better than listening to men get cut to pieces and blood splatting across the screen while in the studio- painting!.

Im a fan of hers.....


Countdown to yuri night starts Apr 5th.

Another fun chapter to experience this year with jared davis and crew of Count down to Yuri night.
A celebration of Russia's first astronaut with art. booze, half naked woman and ..oh yeah entertainment!

Fredericksburg art community

Fredericksburge is a small community in Virginia, where George Washington grew up originally. I was introduced by Gabe Pons who is representing some of my work in the area. Here is clip taken on the first friday of the month which a big creative event. All the galleries and shops exhibit their work , musicians play their tunes fueling as the night life in the old colonial town.


Gabriel Pons
712 Caroline Street
Fredericksburg, VA 22401
(540) 656-2215
Mon-Sat 10-6pm, Sun Noon-5pm

the next big show G40 in Richmond VA



G40 Art Summit - Richmond, VA G40 Home Page Calendar of EventsMap of Murals and ExhibitsParticipation in the G40 Mural ArtistsG40 Group ShowWeapons of Mass Change ExhibitMore Than Sunshine Exhibit
Month Long 500+ Low Brow Art Exhibits, Musical Performances and
10 Block Mural Project featuring 13 of the top muralists from around the globe.

Art Whino returns in 2012 for the Third edition of G40. Following the mission of G40s past, we will once again bring exposure to low brow’s many faces and, as always, present what new facets emerge within this ever growing movement. This year G40 focuses on the "Art of the Mural". In the last 5 years, there have been great bursts of street artists transforming the city’s urban fabric with large scale mural artwork. With their powerful and awe evoking size of over five stories high, these murals transform the landscape of the passerby and create a unique experience to each wall that was once blank and artless.

Spanish fly (Michelle)

Some of the juiciness of my Spanish fly portraits isn't always on the exterior, but the story they represent.

I met Michelle recently..and I thought she would be a great muse. To my surprise she mused for another artist before, one who's work was published under the same company that published some of my work . Sure its a small world, but it get even smaller, when it happens that Michelle and I have a mutual friend. An ex lover of mine ( from years ago) who she attend grade school with back in Brooklyn.

She has a sexual confidence and no problem showing it, things that a artist like me looks for and appreciates highly in a muse.

Although Michelle lives hundreds of miles from me, her and I had made a unique connection that can be traced back over 30 years. And that's why it must be represented in this series of mine. Fate has a funny way of making things flourish.

(work in progress)

Hunter S Thompson

a True patriot!



Fruits to Nuts

I will be Participating again, to this year's Erotic Art show in Baltimore's Gallery 1448

Opening Reception is Friday, February 10th from 6-9 pm

Be sure to come through and taste the lovely art flavors that this side of the east coast has to offer.

flesh over load

So while re cooperating, I did this lil scribble in my book of this weird sexual entanglement of dicks and boobs. I did with out any real sort of just spit i added some color and closed the book and forgot about it.
Days later I see the sketch and think..hmmm..its not bad..I wonder ...if...
well at that point I grabbed a clean canvas and brush and went to town on it..

Its such a vivid image that I'm thinking about doing more of them...
Brain cogs are turning-

16x20 oil on canvas