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My Sofia

As an artist who's main muse tend to be women, I have work with countless of females through out my professional life. Many beautiful and intelligent females have crossed my path, but only a hand full have really influenced my work to any major degree. Lisa has up to this point, has been on top of my list, for pushing my creative flow forward. Even when my mind is not on art, she will bust into my world with goodies of temptations to create. She feeds my brain like a water fall on jagged rocks. It is no surprise considering that she has a creative soul her self, being a talented singer. She has an open mind that can take simple ideas and stretch them into fantastic conceptions. I am very lucky to have her as my muse, and although she is not my exclusive muse, she sure does keep my art soul happy.
To find her music please check her out her at

moving along

So I completed the skate board for I tryed to keep it simple and sexy but dangerous. I hope someone has a good time riding her out! exhibit starts MAy 31st I also comepleted this 48x36 painting for El Mundo de Los Luchadores show
Sunday May 4th, from 2-7pmLocation:
DC Fairgrounds (Directly in front of National Stadium) 1299 Half Street, SE Washington, DC 20003 Super convenient 50 feet from the Greenline Navy Yard Nationals Ballpark Metro Stop Featuring famous Lucha Libre wrestlers Pequeno Pierroth, Sangra de Aguila, Hijo de Dr. Wagner, Hijo de La Park, The Caveman, and others.

trying to keep up!

Its been a very busy month of  March!.
I had a solo show curated Frankie Velez at the Harlem Wine Gallery, A nice turn out as I played catch up with old friends and made new ones.
Met the CEO of Student union clothing who wanted to work with me. you can see his line at this link

I also participated  with Artwhino for the 2014 cherry blast in D.C.
Which I did have a blast!.

Caught up with my Baltimore family of friends and spent a wonderful time with my Little girl for her birthday, shooting monsters and racing speed boats at the arcades..Perfect birthday party I think!

So I was aproached by to create some art on a skate board for May show that they are planning on. They want the artist to document the process so here is a first look at what I am planning to do. A leather wearing hottie with a chained spike ball being dragged.

There are other projects I have in the works, but you going to have …

how much?

So I was scouting for a frame prices for this beast of a painting i recently did, and all kinds of disgusting numbers were being tossed at me.

from 170-230 dollars for a frame with no backing,hooks,glass or even a kiss on the cheek and a reach around.

So I said fuck this, called my ol buddy Steven J. Wameling the III and he said, " build that shit your self, you fool!"

and so I went to Home Depo, got myself some moldings and some screws and other little things and build it myself for a fraction of what they were trying to get me spend...

The frame isnt perfect by any professional means but it does the job, I'm going to give this puppy some love by coloring it up, give it a nice finish and send it on its merry way so the world can savor its full glory.

( I'm feeling like Hannibal from the A team right now! )