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The Process of My paintings:Part II: The Finished Product [SNEAK PEEK]

As mentioned in the previous posting, the last step of my creative process is the oil based painting. 

 I like to use alkyd paint medium mainly because of its thickness and drying time. The word "alkyd" actually refers to the synthetic resin used as a binder in the paint. This particular type of paint medium is resistant to wear and tear and also dries a little slower than most paints so that I can go back and adjust or rework if necessary. I can also thin the paint out if need be to garner different coloring and shading in the piece.

As far as brushes go, I use a lot of different brushes, favoring the round tips more than any other. The brands of brushes I choose tend to be all over the place and I mostly use synthetics because they last a long time and are also cheaper. 

Everyone can stand to save a few bucks, right?

The following photos show the last piece of my creative process.  Referencing the grid acrylic version, I note what needs to be changed and slowly begin paint…

The Process of my Paintings [SNEAK PEEK]

I am often asked what some of my creative processes are when creating a piece. Today, I wanted to share with you one of the ways I create my art. I was recently commissioned by a client to do a fantasy based piece as gift to her loved one. She indicated she wanted to be sexy and a white tiger had to be involved.

Once I received her requests, I sent her a sketch to give her an over all idea of what she was looking for. For this particular piece, I decided to make her outfit, a cat suit, the same white tiger print as the animal included in the painting.

Oftentimes, I exaggerate body types to either hide what the client wants to hide or create shapes and sensuality that is either not enough or not at all. This particular client, though quite shapely, emphasized in her request her desire to look sexier than she normally is, so I enhanced her best asset. I won’t tell you what feature I chose to enhance, as I’m sure you all will figure it out soon enough. 

Below, is the sketch I created for…

The Worlds Greatest Erotic Art of Today: Volume 3

I am honored to have my art selected for inclusion in the 3rd volume of "The World's Greatest Erotic Art of Today." 

A beautiful hard cover coffeetable book, it features various artists creating amazing and tasteful art using erotica and the naked human form as their focal point. 

You can purchase your own copy through or your local bookstore.

Feel free to check out some of the exhibitions at:

The art work in this book will knock your pants off...literally.

Here's a few shots of the book, not including shots of my work
(you'll have to purchase the book to see that!):


Plans for public consumption late 2010

I can't say much about this project except that its going to be a circus load of fun.

Busted in 2 Cities Show 1/29/2010

January 29th, 2010
7pm- 12am
The Gallery Bar
120 Orchard Street
Btwn Delancey and Rivington
(F, M, Z Trains to Essex/ Delancey Street)

I was asked to contribute to this interesting art show where 30 artists were asked to create a piece of art using a blank female mannequin bust. January 29th will mark the closing of a two month tour and tribute a colleague that passed during the process.

I am honored to be included with 29 amazing artists.

If you know my style, you know I often have an erotica focus to it.

The piece I chose to do is inspired by the shock value of porn today and was done in a very comic book style with graffiti elements in there as well.

Here's a sneak peek at my piece!!

Hope to see all of you there!

The Spanish Fly Series

ELSTABO's Spanish Fly Series

These series of paintings are part of my personal collection called Elstabo's Spanish Fly Series.
As every artist has his muse, the series consists of all the lovely Puerto Rican woman Ive been lucky to associate with , in all their gorgeous, lip licking variations.

Each painting has its own story of how they came to be. Ive been working on this on going series since 2004. A first volume of this series has now been completed with studies and discriptions about there process and inspirations.

I'm happy to share these works or art of these beautiful Puerto Rican women.

To see the current series go to

Purchase your own copy today at the below link: