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Double the Pleasure

I first met Angelique at a poets gathering through a mutual associate on a rainy NewYork night.
I didn't know it then, but she would end up being a very influential person in my circle.
As I got to know her a little better, I came to appreciate and value what she brings to our friendly relationship. She can be sweet and calm at one moment and explode with fierce conviction at another.
This specific painting is of a moment we had together creatively which just flowed out like a magic spring. She was submissive but yet dominating in her presence while helping make the process manifest.
She is one of my favorite muses to work with and it would be no surprise to see more of her in the future of Elstabo's Art.

Learning Sculpture

I haven't played with clay since college..that was about 10 years ago.

Recently, I saw some artist doing fantastic things with sculpture. Since I was also at the art store snatching up supplies, I grabbed a block of clay, some tools and started to dive into this crazy world .

I'm not too skilled in it. Last time I dabbled with clay work, I didn't really use many tools and didn't get as far as a polished piece.

Today, I am learning everything on my own, researching online for techniques and processes, so that I can improve on my sculpture skills. 

Here is my first attempt..I will keep at this one until I'm ok with it, but I have a feeling it might take a while....I have much to learn.

[My Art] Don't Look Now

(oil on canvas  12x24)
Beautiful women being catcalled or ogled in the street is a given in the city and in Latino culture. Even as young age,one of the things I noticed was how men reacted to a beautiful woman as she walked by.
I remember how my mother would tease my father about being careful not to "lose his eyeballs" as a sexy woman would walk by.
I also had an aunt, who was a very beautiful woman. I would tag along with her and her kids on occasional walks through the barrio and almost every time, she would get these low hisses and comments from the men standing around on the sidewalks.
At first created for complete shock value, the painting is also my take on the concept of catcalling and women dealing with men "losing their eyeballs" when they walk in the room. I respect the way women handle the ogling and catcalling with such nonchalance, such indifference, such absolute coolness. It was the above experiences of my youth that made me consider the use of eyeba…


[oil painting 20x24 on canvas]
Making up a character is a great feeling, but not as great as creating its supporting cast.
And in my art work, having sexy delights in front of viewer, lets everyone share in the fun.
This painting took about a week from concept to finish.