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west coast feel

Go west young man!
That was what the voice in my head said as I packed up my stuff.
This side of the country has a large art community and I felt it was time to start making some moves. One of my curators -Andrea Garcia has presented me a oppertunity to slide my way into this intetesting side of the world. I only been here a few days and I met some interesting people and some fantastic art. I was able to make my way to the LA art show which was pretty impressive and the LaLuz de jesus gally which was equally impressive, , the place is just a treasure of art material and books.
One of the things I was finally was able to experince was a jack in the box meal. Yes, yes. I know ..what so interesting about that...well I never seen one on the east coast..I had their sirloin burger..and it was freaking delicous. East coast needs to watch out, these burgers are fucking awesome. Anyways heres some pictures of some stuff and some pictures of art I created to show while I am here.