The Process of My paintings:Part II: The Finished Product [SNEAK PEEK]

As mentioned in the previous posting, the last step of my creative process is the oil based painting. 

 I like to use alkyd paint medium mainly because of its thickness and drying time. The word "alkyd" actually refers to the synthetic resin used as a binder in the paint. This particular type of paint medium is resistant to wear and tear and also dries a little slower than most paints so that I can go back and adjust or rework if necessary. I can also thin the paint out if need be to garner different coloring and shading in the piece.

As far as brushes go, I use a lot of different brushes, favoring the round tips more than any other. The brands of brushes I choose tend to be all over the place and I mostly use synthetics because they last a long time and are also cheaper. 

Everyone can stand to save a few bucks, right?

The following photos show the last piece of my creative process.  Referencing the grid acrylic version, I note what needs to be changed and slowly begin painting in oils. 

This particular piece took approximately 24 hours of working time (about 3 days) from start to finish. 
The last piece of the process is VERY important as the nuances and corrections need to be made to the piece so that the client is happy with the finished product.

Needless to say, the client was VERY pleased.

Please comment with ideas and opinions. I hope you enjoy the work.



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