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the Main feast video

So after a month of putting in work i completed this 48x34 piece..oil on masonite. The piece is large in comparison to my regular size canvas. The piece will be exhibited at the Dirty show 14  in Detriot in Febuary, and its already being eyed to be exhibited at another location in March in Brooklyn. More info about that will be posted soon. This clip I put together so that you folks can get a little taste of my process.

Madam J

The Victorian era was such a stylish time, I was researching some images online and found some that caught my interest, So I started thinking how some of the people I currently know would look like in some of the outfits as portraits. This was my attempt at a head portrait with my life long friend Jenica wearing a hat and hair style of that time. The original size is 16x20 on canvas. I posted here two images, one as a under painting in acrylic and the other with oil as a finish.  

sweet dancing