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the Main feast video

So after a month of putting in work i completed this 48x34 piece..oil on masonite. The piece is large in comparison to my regular size canvas. The piece will be exhibited at the Dirty show 14  in Detriot in Febuary, and its already being eyed to be exhibited at another location in March in Brooklyn. More info about that will be posted soon. This clip I put together so that you folks can get a little taste of my process.

Madam J

The Victorian era was such a stylish time, I was researching some images online and found some that caught my interest, So I started thinking how some of the people I currently know would look like in some of the outfits as portraits. This was my attempt at a head portrait with my life long friend Jenica wearing a hat and hair style of that time. The original size is 16x20 on canvas. I posted here two images, one as a under painting in acrylic and the other with oil as a finish.  

sweet dancing

back on track

So I been sort of out the loop on this for a bit, I have been doing other  works. Mostly in the graphic and photography side of things- got to make some $ some how. Any ways I should be exhibiting with about 59 other artist this thursday at the REBAR in DUMBO Brooklyn. Should be a nice turn out, plus I can mingle with these  other artist who have if not already made a mark in NYfor them selves.

Also in the works in the biggest painting Ive attempted as of yet, It might not be so big for other artist but considering my current space..its pretty big for yours truly. heres a teaser on it...

this about a 9x10 section of it..the whole piece is about 60 x 50 Ive been at it for about a week..and Im no where near completing it..I got probably another 4 more weeks to complete it...which is a lil bit to much for me since I like to work hard and fast.
I got more project going on, which I dont want to list because the more I think about it, the more fustrated I get. Being a one man production com…

If you love to cook! Magic Butter!

the art world

I dont bother much with my views on the art world. but today for some weird reason ( maybe its the heat) I felt like getting on the soap box.

So your an artist trying to make it in the Art world, and you study, and you go reach out and network, mingle with other artist and meet curators and such..get your work published..and yet. you see some crap art work out there that sells for thousands and even millions. What is it your doing wrong, why the hell some of these hack artist make crazy amounts of loot with work that seem to be slapped together over night in some drunken comes down to basically one thing..who's dick you are riding..sorry ..who you know!

I ve been one to work my craft and skills to the point where people are just shocked and amazed, but even I have my moments, how come I aint rich yet!!!!..

I got a good look at the inner workings of the art world these past few days, the stuff your dont see...warehouses of art work that bounces …

Spanish fly series delux

I have been working on a new Spanish fly series and I am planning on making it more of a coffee book. the first one I did a while back was really a test run, and my first attempt at self publishing. Now that I learned a few things about the process, I want to really give the love it truely needs to share with the rest of the planet.

I am holding a Submission calls to any writer/poet who would want to submit their works to be part of this new book.

The subject is their view of either being, or experiencing a relationship with/ or being a Puerto Rican female .

Subjects can be almost anything, I am looking for material that touches on family, up bringing's, society,religion, sex, arts...ect. What ever involves the Puerto Rican woman's being or behavior.

This series was originally created to show the different shades of the woman of my culture, how different they all are and the roles they play in society today. The paintings alone wont exactly convey all those topics b…
One of the goals this 2013 for me has been collaborating with other artist in order to create unique pieces of art work. So through a mutual friend by the name of S Lynn Cooper I was introduced to another artist ( photographer ) Felix Natal Jr. We both share a admiration for this worlds lovely women, and it shows through our work. You can see his work here at WWW.FelixNatalJr.Com

This year is the year of the snake and some how snakes have been ending up in my work some how, the muse in the painting is known as a Coco Austin, the reference were supplied by Felix the snakes by yours truly.

oil on masonite


A bit of nostalgia came over me as I sketch out my latest muse Zuleika. I have seen this young woman bloome up before my eyes

She is a younger sibling to some old acquaintances of mine whom I known for a good part of my life.

She has a dark wit about her that keep me fascinated and intrigued. Her persona is one of reserved mystery accompanied by shrude intelligence. Its characteristics like these that add flavor to my work, not so much for the masses but for me personally, making my work one to devour even more.

This is just a preliminary sketch, but my finger is completely black from rubbing the pencil lines in to her shapes.. which is appropriate in this circumstance.
this year Urban Decay June 8th I plan to be there to rub elbows with the rest of the artists

rica clothing line

My girl Ava's clothing line.a must for you ladies  out there.

6 straight years and still going

Yuri night this year will be awesome!

teaser-drunken sailor

a teaser...more soon
the shirts are in

they can be purchase here

I spread it open so I could get it in!...

I took a trip to the Bronx side of New York today for a Photo shoot with one of my muses. As soon as I sat down in the train the sketch book came out and my eyes locked on a very lovely looking woman sitting across from me, that's pretty much how I start my process...the light colored sharpies and AD markers are swift on their mark. I think these drawings show that .
During a Break in the shoot, my muse was positioned in a comfortable position so that I may get a quick double page spread of her in.

Tease to Please submissions

PinupArt submissions  are being accepted- deadline Mar 28th
email :

Please review advertisement for complete details before submitting!

show March 30th to  April 30th at Rebel Ink in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.
560 Grand st. Brooklyn NY 11211

Day dreaming

This piece here is of one of my Muses Lisa, I wanted to capture a warm bed like feel. I had in mind a particular lighting, coming from the outside on a sunny day, lighting up the room. I think I got some of that here. the soft sensual light  makes the piece calm and least I think so.

18 x 24 oil on canvas