Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Chili pepper

So I was asked from a friend of mine to do a design for the Brooklyn's chili pepper festival

I designed this for it, and of course it was deemed too

one of the things I learned over the years, is when it comes to marketing ( sex sells)...what makes me laugh about this design, is that I actually toned it down from the other ideas I had for it...oh well, back to the drawing board

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Neopolitan dreams

I always had a thing for them Italian women. Sofia has played a role in that obsession. She had a natural sexuality that can freeze you in your place.
I started painted her this week and she is coming along very well..the Italian muse has been fueling my imagination intensely.

More of her soon...

Tuesday, May 23, 2017


So a few days ago..what I thought was a client...reached out to me when he found me on #thumbtack
a website that caters to artist.

The guy gave me a sob story about being in a hospital as a cancer victim, and that he was moving out of the U.S. and wanted to get his wife a birthday gift for their anniversary. yada yada yada....
he sends me a check

I got the check with in a few days of sealing the deal...Fedex- ed to my house!
I  was rushing to get to the bank before it closed (Saturday) but something seemed off once I opened the package.

1st. red flag....was the name of the check...the check was under a different name!.
I thought maybe it was the guys assistant which he did mention was going to handle his affairs , (since he was in the hospital..)

2nd. red flag was the check paper it self..
The paper itself felt a little light,, and the signature was digitally printed in a different opacity than the rest of the print type.

Being a freelance artist for almost 2 decades, you see a good amount of personal, business and paychecks in your life time.So to be on the safe side, I will have the bank look into it before actually cashing it.

Once I spoke to the bank manager about my suspicion, he did a few things to see if the check was fraudulent. After wards, his assessment was about 80% fake, but he wasn't completely sure.
So I called up the bank that is on the actual check and gave them all the info on the check...and they confirmed to me that the check was fraud!.

Its easy today to get scammed...and being an artist its easy to get duped if you don't pay attention to those red flags. Listen to your intuition, you'll save yourself a huge headache, and from loosing any money you had worked hard for.

If I had cashed that check.. the same amount if not all of my money would have been stolen...stay frosty out  there my people! There's plenty of scum bags out there and you got to be on the look out.

the scammer info :

 Anthony smith

feel free to send him a

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Art collecting

A few days ago I came across a post on on the matter of Art collectors , called How to Start a Fine Art Collection. It got me thinking about my own ideas about this topic. I can not speak much from the art collectors position, but mostly from the art maker and seller. So here is what I can share from the twenty plus years of doing my craft.

In my situation there has been two major factors in people who collect my work, those who have shared personal moments with me and those who feel connected or admire the subject of my work. Social functions always played a major role in the sales of my art work, those people who collected my work usually shared some sort experience with me.

Example: There was a young woman who would attend frequent art shows I exhibit in, after repeated interactions with her I asked her one day to be part of my art work. Since then she has modeled for me in several paintings and through out that time I have given her 5 of my original paintings out of appreciation. So it pays to get to know the artist.

Other times people buy my work because they connect with the subject matter. One day I exhibited a large piece and was approached by a well off to do gentleman who asked me about my art work. After briefly explaining the construction of the piece he admitted to me that he once had a similar experience that was depicted in the painting (orgy scene). Shortly after he asked me if there was anyway I could do the piece larger, and from that brief interaction alone he commissioned me to do a similar piece at double the size.

So interaction with the artist plays an important key to collecting their work. Don't be shy about sending them an email or asking them questions when they are in the room with you. Artist are seeking to connect with people all the time , especially art collectors.

Be sure to check out for more information

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Babes with blades

This piece here was 20x24 and an attempt to do an oil illustration with multiple glazes. The main challenge for me here was to fit in multiple figures in the scene with detailed recognizable faces. The faces at this size were very difficult for me, because of how tiny the details were, about the size of a quarter coin. I don't like spending to much time on a painting, so I had to slow down my process. Part of that process was doing the layers of glazes, then having to wait for it to dry before passing over them again. Torture for me, but at the same time rewarding when complete.
These photos don't do the painting any justice though, because of the multiple layers, these colors change when you stand in front of the painting.