2020 sloppy scams

So right away ass I opened it, I knew this was a scam. No introduction or how they found my work, this in the mail the other day.

Edwin Brown ( Hi,
I am interested in one of your Art works within the price range of $500 to $5000 Also do you accept payment via cashier's or bank check?

Thank You.

I responded with I only accept money orders!

Edwin Brown ( I can only make the payment via cashier's check and the piece won't be shipped until the check cleared to your account.
Thank You.

Be vigilant Artists out there, scammers will try to sucker you in with fake checks and processed orders in order to steal any money you have in your accouts.

My latest book.

is where you can purchase my latest book, which looks back at my experience in the erotic art scene, also are included never before seen paintings which were done specifically for this book.

Poison clients

So last year I did a few designs for a client who apparently was working on some short low budget movies.He paid me for the first 4-5 designs, but the last 3 designs he stoled from me. He was paying me through PayPal, but the last designs he paid me under another PayPal account ( which should have been a red flag to me).Later on, the payment was reversed as the account holder apparently belonged to his angered ex-girlfriend.
The job ended up being a lost and a bitter lesson.Now I have received this email...

Marie Lyttle (
Hello my name Marie my kids dad has dealt with you for logos etc. Osha I'd his name so I wanted a couple of logos done also one is Sugar Carrie wit a pic silhouette with fancy letters
My phone number is 7573671407 Marie I want a logo it's two hands that look like puppet hands with the 🌍 underneath it and I want Mingo World in words going around the earth and the fingers on the could you make them look like a m and on the hand it&…
European Tour

I took my first vacation to Europe this year  landing first in Rome,Italy then continuing my adventure to Berlin, Germany.
I took in the culture by checking out all the possible museums and galleries, ancient ruins and beautiful wineries. I enjoyed the night life  in both countries with the wonderful people of Europe, it was my first trip over seas but it surely wont be my last.

Filling in the blanks

Part of being a professional artist is being able to deliver on time and on budget. And sometimes your forced to do these things with one hand tied behind you back, (figuratively) Normally I like to shoot my own references for the amount detail that is needed to do the job correctly, but sometimes that is not the way things work out. Take for instance this portrait gig where the person has transitioned away. And the client's only available reference is this small old photo.
I never have backed down from a challenge and this particular instance gave me in opportunity to figure out this issue. I could have just said no, but this returning client is a friend and I wanted to make sure she received what she needed. So I had put on my detective hat and dug into my bag of tricks to make out the details of the gentlemen's face in the picture. I used some of the clients personal pictures who is the grand daughter) from facebook to decipher some those details like the mouth and eyes) a…

Holidays portrait commisions

This be the season where I get the most requests for family portraits, being that its the holiday season.
One of the things a professional artist must be ready for is those last minute clients that need it by tomorrow. And you better deliver the quality goods on time and budget, after all its your reputation that is on the line.
So of course I say yes to a client a week before Christmas for a family portrait.  All I need is a good reference photo, well like most things in life, things never go as easy as one would like. Three days later the client brings me a print- out of the reference material, Ideally not what I would use but at times like these one has to do what they got to do, plus (I take these type of requests as a personal challenge). My schedule is all ready tight as it is working a full-time job, but none the less I take the print out and make due with it. Here is the process and the final product which is 12x16 oil on canvas board. The art work took me exactly 30hrs of act…

Damned art show

This year I will be showcasing my art at the Damned art show in Detroit.

10th Annual DAMNED Exhibition of Enlightened Darkness
Art + Performance + Dining + Masquerade

October 26th through 28th 2017
VIP 7pm to 9pm - General 9pm to 2am - 18+

Tangent Gallery / Hastings Ballroom
715 E Milwaukee, Detroit, Michigan