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Circus series process

One of the wonderful aspects of a painting project is the aspect of refrence and  research. Lovely Models like my friend Katrina make this process totaly worth it.
( Circus series coming soon )
Get your brush wet!

Jan 7th 2011 Art Reach exhibit

Ill be mixing it up in New York this January ..its always good to come back to my home town!


So I sent a proposal for an Art class at the Workhouse  Art center here in Virginia, and the class was accepted..
So I will most likely be teaching Picture Composition this Spring 2011. Its my first time realy teaching a group of other artists and Im very excited..and yes and a bit nervous too.

Visit the site here

Tiki Kicks for Inked souls 2010

Art exhibit at Art whino of Sneakers designs by artist accompanied with paintings this December 18th.

to see more info go to

Ive been on the Tiki band wagon lately...and Im enjoying every bit of it.

This is the "Tiki challenge" painting that will be presented with the sneakers.. the painting took a bit to do..and even now..I feel like its not finished .. the painting is 22x28 on canvas board and im pricing it around 2000.00 I dont normaly work at this size..I find it a challenge..


Its easy to do letters inner twine with images on the computer..but doing it by hand on a canvas is another thing..especially if your a inpatient artist like me who likes to get things done fast..

I left this in acrylic form and I did use some markers for some details..I might continue to add to it as time goes on.


conducted and presented by Jason of Stamp Magazine

spanish fly series continues

I started one of those personal projects that every artist does at one time or started as a collection on the beauty and talented woman who share my PuertoRican heritage..I completed my first 20 pieces 2 years ago and now I stared the second wave of new additions..I plan to do these as long as Im Am breathing on this earth...So I might not be done for a long time..God willing

Spanish fly book can be purchased here

Tiki Art

My first attempt at Tiki oriented Art..The lovely Sacrice was a young Lady named Christine who was willing to assist me on this  project. The painting took about a week worth of work. The oil painting is 20 x 24 in size on canvas board. I had to go into the painting after I photographed it and remove some high lights on the painting (bad lighting in my studio) Beside the joy of the juicy vixan, the litle tiki statues were also fun to paint in.

Window view

I recorded some of the process here with my cell excuse the cheap detail and camera work. The subject in the painting is an old friend of mine who is one of those type of woman that just screams sexuality..I was happy to have her as my subject, and she made the process ever more worth. Thanks Patia.

Popping its cherry!

Gallery 788 Presents: 1st Erotic Art Show

Thursday, October 7th 6-10pm Opening Night

October 7-31st

Gallery 788

788 Washington Boulevard

Baltimore, MD 21230

202 210 8361

I will be Selling my Erotic work at this Establishment, mingling with other artist and art collectors..Free entry, adults only please

Mistress of hearts

Just finished this piece for my Circus de Lust series, 38 more paintingsto for those who are in the know..enjoy this korky image

movie maker and after effects

Holy cow..I forgotten how long it took to mess with took me about 8 hours worth of work..I wasnt going for an oscar, just having a lil fun and pimping my self a bit..
My next stop..the porn, im kidding..
...but I can see how I might be able to put something together to better expose my work

Sexy circus series

A new series im currently putting together, its erotica meets circus fun in a lowbrow presentation. Once the collection is complete a book will be packaged up and be availabe for collectors.

Next Art Exhibit

I will be showing some of my work with the ARTWHINO crew this September 10 th & 11th in D.C.

The YARDS PARK Grand Opening Weekend Celebration

Opening Reception for Beautiful Minds:
Sept 10th, 3:30pm - 11pm
All Day Activities:
Sept 11th, 9:00am - 10pm

more details of the exhibit at link below:

DAMNED - Call Thank You

DAMNED - Call Thank You: "
(BBCODE below to copy/paste into your Model Mayhem page or most forums)


9/11 heros

My brother whos served in Desert Storm and in the occupation of Irak, also helped dig bodies out of the Twin Towers ruble. He comes to mind when I see politicians nickle and dime our troops and  heros for health coverage.


I'm currently working on some monster pieces since Oct is around the corner..these particular piece isn't the best I have done..and I even question if it's scary..I wiped up the painting over one session in a night and left it in my studio as I went to bed..I return the next day to continue to work when two of my monster paintings were about face against the wall...some one or some thing turned these painting around..I look around me and see my 4 year old at the door way peaking in..she ask me " are the monsters away?"

Just then it hit me,,she answered my question last night, if a little girl is scared enough to turn the paintings around as to not look at them, then I think the image are successful enough.

Lip job

One of the Joys of painting for me is at the beginning..once your set and ready to go, you grab the pallet and let it fly. It starts all Sloppy and loose, forming out the shapes. I use a Limited Palette at first using about 4 colors to knock out my over all shapes. It slows down a bit as more colors are detailed in using several palettes in the process..

Like every artist, I too obsess over certain things, And woman features like lips are one of those obsessions. This particular portrait painting is of my friend Judith whom I went to college with. She has a face like angel and smile that can melt you as you stand. Through out the process I came back over and over to her lips shaping and repositioning it, trying to get its subtle expression correct.

They are full and lush, very pleasing to the least my eyes..

DR sketchy Baltimore

Ill be here participating with the rest of the Dr sketchy artist.!/event.php?eid=127853237242598&ref=mf

Start Time: Wednesday, June 9, 2010 at 7:00pm

End Time: Saturday, July 31, 2010 at 11:30pm

Location: The Windup Space

Street: 12 W. North Ave.

City/Town: Baltimore, MD

Circus de Lust

A new Project im working on, its slow to do at the moment with the flux of commission work coming at me,,but i still am able to produce a lil something on my nights when everyone is sleeping.

I work best this way,,cant help it, I'm a damn vampire like that..anyway the picture is shoty but its only cause these pieces aren't done yet. I hopefully to make a entire collection and format it into a book by the end of the year..if all goes according to my devilish plan that is.

Frank Frazetta dead at 82

Frank Frazettahas been and im sure will be for ever the only artist that has inspired me so much. His art work breaths life. He not only did fantasy paintings but a wide range of topics, from funny to westerns to movie posters ect.
He battled heart strokes through out end of his life. I met his wife last year , a lovely woman Named Ellie who was the nicest person and also ran his buisness. She died a few months before he did.
The world lost a genius of a artist. I will forever be grateful to be blessed by his work.

Brownie Points

Mothers day is around the corner and what better way to let wifey know she still #1 oil on cnavas 16x20 one day to knock it out in acrylic, another day to do up in oil.

attempt #2

I got up the other day and smelled the clay, you can say..

I had in mind to do some cartoon head so I can make it quick, and boy was I wrong.
It took me about 12 hours to finish it..if you can even call it finished. I started researching about smoothing the clay, cause I got to a point where it was sort of done but it was really ruff..and I really wanted a smooth feel to fingers can only do so much smoothing on the face at that size. And all the tools I had were for picking ,scraping and after doing some more research I noticed a tool called a Stylus which is a long metal handle and round nib on the end. I thought to myself ; ok I don't have one of I looked around..and found a match in the kitchen..and the head of the match actually worked well for me to get into some of the areas in the face to smooth out..but of course I still end up needing something even I look around my studio..and of course I find a hair I straighten it out..c…

Double the Pleasure

I first met Angelique at a poets gathering through a mutual associate on a rainy NewYork night.
I didn't know it then, but she would end up being a very influential person in my circle.
As I got to know her a little better, I came to appreciate and value what she brings to our friendly relationship. She can be sweet and calm at one moment and explode with fierce conviction at another.
This specific painting is of a moment we had together creatively which just flowed out like a magic spring. She was submissive but yet dominating in her presence while helping make the process manifest.
She is one of my favorite muses to work with and it would be no surprise to see more of her in the future of Elstabo's Art.

Learning Sculpture

I haven't played with clay since college..that was about 10 years ago.

Recently, I saw some artist doing fantastic things with sculpture. Since I was also at the art store snatching up supplies, I grabbed a block of clay, some tools and started to dive into this crazy world .

I'm not too skilled in it. Last time I dabbled with clay work, I didn't really use many tools and didn't get as far as a polished piece.

Today, I am learning everything on my own, researching online for techniques and processes, so that I can improve on my sculpture skills. 

Here is my first attempt..I will keep at this one until I'm ok with it, but I have a feeling it might take a while....I have much to learn.

[My Art] Don't Look Now

(oil on canvas  12x24)
Beautiful women being catcalled or ogled in the street is a given in the city and in Latino culture. Even as young age,one of the things I noticed was how men reacted to a beautiful woman as she walked by.
I remember how my mother would tease my father about being careful not to "lose his eyeballs" as a sexy woman would walk by.
I also had an aunt, who was a very beautiful woman. I would tag along with her and her kids on occasional walks through the barrio and almost every time, she would get these low hisses and comments from the men standing around on the sidewalks.
At first created for complete shock value, the painting is also my take on the concept of catcalling and women dealing with men "losing their eyeballs" when they walk in the room. I respect the way women handle the ogling and catcalling with such nonchalance, such indifference, such absolute coolness. It was the above experiences of my youth that made me consider the use of eyeba…


[oil painting 20x24 on canvas]
Making up a character is a great feeling, but not as great as creating its supporting cast.
And in my art work, having sexy delights in front of viewer, lets everyone share in the fun.
This painting took about a week from concept to finish.

[April 10] Yuri's Night

This piece will be for Yuri's Night in DC.  Check it out guys!!!
April 10th The Capitol Skyline Hotel 10 "i" Street, SW Washington, DC 20024

Poiltics as Usual

Most people dont know this about me, but I became a political junkie once I moved out of NY.
Here is a little five minute taste of why that is.
You Tube Link: Health Insurance

[Behind the Painting] Karina

My good friend suggested I should talk about of my pieces, so the first piece I picked is one that I think is worthy to talk about because of the subject of the piece.
A few years back, I was introduced to Karina who at the time was a coworker of one of my brothers in the fashion business, working on graphics. At the time, I was just starting to paint portraits for my "Spanish Fly" series. Our interaction was brief and shortly after creating the piece, I lost contact with her. The last thing I heard was that she was involved in the adult business.
Years passed by. I was already living in Virginia and had begun to put my "Spanish Fly" series into a collection  to make the book. While scouting for poets to be included in my book, I happened to befriend a woman who was a writer/spiritualist and as I found out much later a private investigator. She was going to write about one of my paintings in the book and chose the Karina painting. It stood out to h…

[March 2010] Art Whino Presents: G40: The Summit

During the month of March 2010, some of my pieces will be featured in the below event, described as "A dynamic contemporary art exhibition featuring curated works from artists around the world on display for a full month, featuring musical and visual performances, lectures, live painting and much more!"
Here's the link for more info:

[March 26 -28] Rochester Erotic Arts Festival

Some of my work will be at this wonder erotic art show this March. Buy your tickets now and lets have some fun, folks!

(Oysters & Chocolate) Artist of the Month
Oyster and Chocolate is an erotic writing and art site intended for adults. For the  month  of Febuary they have me as the featured artist. Any time my work can be veiwed by others is an accomplishment to me.

The Process of My paintings:Part II: The Finished Product [SNEAK PEEK]

As mentioned in the previous posting, the last step of my creative process is the oil based painting. 

 I like to use alkyd paint medium mainly because of its thickness and drying time. The word "alkyd" actually refers to the synthetic resin used as a binder in the paint. This particular type of paint medium is resistant to wear and tear and also dries a little slower than most paints so that I can go back and adjust or rework if necessary. I can also thin the paint out if need be to garner different coloring and shading in the piece.

As far as brushes go, I use a lot of different brushes, favoring the round tips more than any other. The brands of brushes I choose tend to be all over the place and I mostly use synthetics because they last a long time and are also cheaper. 

Everyone can stand to save a few bucks, right?

The following photos show the last piece of my creative process.  Referencing the grid acrylic version, I note what needs to be changed and slowly begin paint…

The Process of my Paintings [SNEAK PEEK]

I am often asked what some of my creative processes are when creating a piece. Today, I wanted to share with you one of the ways I create my art. I was recently commissioned by a client to do a fantasy based piece as gift to her loved one. She indicated she wanted to be sexy and a white tiger had to be involved.

Once I received her requests, I sent her a sketch to give her an over all idea of what she was looking for. For this particular piece, I decided to make her outfit, a cat suit, the same white tiger print as the animal included in the painting.

Oftentimes, I exaggerate body types to either hide what the client wants to hide or create shapes and sensuality that is either not enough or not at all. This particular client, though quite shapely, emphasized in her request her desire to look sexier than she normally is, so I enhanced her best asset. I won’t tell you what feature I chose to enhance, as I’m sure you all will figure it out soon enough. 

Below, is the sketch I created for…

The Worlds Greatest Erotic Art of Today: Volume 3

I am honored to have my art selected for inclusion in the 3rd volume of "The World's Greatest Erotic Art of Today." 

A beautiful hard cover coffeetable book, it features various artists creating amazing and tasteful art using erotica and the naked human form as their focal point. 

You can purchase your own copy through or your local bookstore.

Feel free to check out some of the exhibitions at:

The art work in this book will knock your pants off...literally.

Here's a few shots of the book, not including shots of my work
(you'll have to purchase the book to see that!):


Plans for public consumption late 2010

I can't say much about this project except that its going to be a circus load of fun.