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how much?

So I was scouting for a frame prices for this beast of a painting i recently did, and all kinds of disgusting numbers were being tossed at me.

from 170-230 dollars for a frame with no backing,hooks,glass or even a kiss on the cheek and a reach around.

So I said fuck this, called my ol buddy Steven J. Wameling the III and he said, " build that shit your self, you fool!"

and so I went to Home Depo, got myself some moldings and some screws and other little things and build it myself for a fraction of what they were trying to get me spend...

The frame isnt perfect by any professional means but it does the job, I'm going to give this puppy some love by coloring it up, give it a nice finish and send it on its merry way so the world can savor its full glory.

( I'm feeling like Hannibal from the A team right now! )