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back on track

So I been sort of out the loop on this for a bit, I have been doing other  works. Mostly in the graphic and photography side of things- got to make some $ some how. Any ways I should be exhibiting with about 59 other artist this thursday at the REBAR in DUMBO Brooklyn. Should be a nice turn out, plus I can mingle with these  other artist who have if not already made a mark in NYfor them selves.

Also in the works in the biggest painting Ive attempted as of yet, It might not be so big for other artist but considering my current space..its pretty big for yours truly. heres a teaser on it...

this about a 9x10 section of it..the whole piece is about 60 x 50 Ive been at it for about a week..and Im no where near completing it..I got probably another 4 more weeks to complete it...which is a lil bit to much for me since I like to work hard and fast.
I got more project going on, which I dont want to list because the more I think about it, the more fustrated I get. Being a one man production com…