The Process of my Paintings [SNEAK PEEK]

I am often asked what some of my creative processes are when creating a piece. Today, I wanted to share with you one of the ways I create my art. I was recently commissioned by a client to do a fantasy based piece as gift to her loved one. She indicated she wanted to be sexy and a white tiger had to be involved.

Once I received her requests, I sent her a sketch to give her an over all idea of what she was looking for. For this particular piece, I decided to make her outfit, a cat suit, the same white tiger print as the animal included in the painting.

Oftentimes, I exaggerate body types to either hide what the client wants to hide or create shapes and sensuality that is either not enough or not at all. This particular client, though quite shapely, emphasized in her request her desire to look sexier than she normally is, so I enhanced her best asset. I won’t tell you what feature I chose to enhance, as I’m sure you all will figure it out soon enough. 

Below, is the sketch I created for her:

Once the ideas presented in the sketch are approved by the client, I begin doing an acrylic paint version of the piece using the Renaissance grid method. With the grid method of painting, I use basic measurements and laws of math that help me to achieve symmetry and evenness in the piece I am trying to create.
Below is the acrylic version of the commissioned piece:

Once the acrylic piece is completed, I look for flaws in color, symmetry, shade, shape and so forth. Once I note the changes that need to be made, I create the final piece in oil paint, which will be given to the client.
I haven’t finished the oil process on this particular piece, but please feel free to comment with your views and opinions on the acrylic piece… perhaps your thoughts might make me see something else that can be adjusted or changed.
In the meantime, I hope you enjoyed this glimpse into my working process.


  1. we spoke a little bit about the grid process on Friday (thank you Maestro) and so it was good reading much I don't know since this is not what I do. But I know what moves me and your stuff keeps me at the edge of my seat. She is hot!

  2. You paint oil over the acrylic?


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