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Holidays portrait commisions

This be the season where I get the most requests for family portraits, being that its the holiday season.
One of the things a professional artist must be ready for is those last minute clients that need it by tomorrow. And you better deliver the quality goods on time and budget, after all its your reputation that is on the line.
So of course I say yes to a client a week before Christmas for a family portrait.  All I need is a good reference photo, well like most things in life, things never go as easy as one would like. Three days later the client brings me a print- out of the reference material, Ideally not what I would use but at times like these one has to do what they got to do, plus (I take these type of requests as a personal challenge). My schedule is all ready tight as it is working a full-time job, but none the less I take the print out and make due with it. Here is the process and the final product which is 12x16 oil on canvas board. The art work took me exactly 30hrs of act…