A lesson for other artist

Back in Halloween 2010..I was asked to submit work by Chastity Sollmer of (ArtistsCompound ) out in Baltimore MD

( here is where you young artist come in )

Normally I like to get either a consigned contract or insurance on the art work for protection...but since this time around I was going on faith, I decided to pass on it and send in some work..

It took a while to get back the art because of scheduling purposes..but I was able to Drive up and get them while on a road trip..when I finally open up the packages to see some of my work chiped and scratch!..the frame isn't such a big deal..but the art work is another thing..

It was my dumb mistake to put faith into would be curators who doesn't respect the artist and there work.
when dealing with people in the art Business,,make sure ,,go over all the fine print and protect your self..
this isn't the first time,,and I'm sure it wont be the last...
I hope up coming artist take this lesson to heart and learn from it...

..She did offer payment for the damaged painting, but as of yet I recieved nothing and I doubt I will from her.


  1. That's good to know, i was also asked by her to show but didnt feel comfortable.


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