Lip job

One of the Joys of painting for me is at the beginning..once your set and ready to go, you grab the pallet and let it fly. It starts all Sloppy and loose, forming out the shapes. I use a Limited Palette at first using about 4 colors to knock out my over all shapes. It slows down a bit as more colors are detailed in using several palettes in the process..

Like every artist, I too obsess over certain things, And woman features like lips are one of those obsessions. This particular portrait painting is of my friend Judith whom I went to college with. She has a face like angel and smile that can melt you as you stand. Through out the process I came back over and over to her lips shaping and repositioning it, trying to get its subtle expression correct.

They are full and lush, very pleasing to the least my eyes..


  1. Love it, you really do amazing work. I like the expression in her eyes. I'm a big fan of lips too.


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