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As my arm gets some of its strength back, I have made some attempts at picking up the brush, It feels weird.
I can't hold the brushes like I use to, So I have to alter my technique a little bit.
Im hoping to be at full strength by mid January, but I know thats my impatience talking..

My introduction to sex!

Growing up in the late 70s to early 80s. My Father would drool in a hypnotized state facing the television, with a justified reason. Iris Chacon would be on, shaking her sexuality and soothing us with her singing voice.

This for me was my introduction to sex, Puerto Rican sex! A potent blend of color, sound and movement.

Its no wonder why today I am slave to beautiful voluptuous woman. They inspire me more than any thing else in this world, And I will continue to show my love to them till my last breath leaves this earth.

Big thanks to my Pops and huge sloppy thank you to Ms. Chacon

Return of the dead

So I broke my arm about 4 weeks, and now I'm sort of have- half my strength back. Lifting my arm feels like lifting 80 pounds one handed. and when ever I go to grab something, you can hear the crunching sound which worries me a bit. I was able to write a little similar to my left hand which is a big difference since 2 weeks ago. Normally these type of fractures take up to 6 to 8 weeks to heal..and that's not even expecting a perfect arm again.

its been hell for me, considering all the projects and clients I had to sideline. I'm really hoping in the next 2 weeks to gain full control and strength to really get to work.

anyway's, I couldn't wait any longer so I grabbed a pencil and pen and started to force my arm to obey my commands, far this is where I'm at...not great..but something...

"Oh Art Gods..please bless me arm to full health so that I can get back into the scene with images of wonder"...

"or at least strength enuff to choke someone o…

Rock is not dead!



Due to some nonsense, I broke my drawing arm today. Yup broke it!. Not sure when it will be healed let along if it will heal at all!. Worst part is, I'm unable to create any work...and that for me is torture!

I will make attempts in the mean time with the left, but it will be only to kill the boredom or to stop from killing myself.


witch doctor

This piece here is another addition to Aztec erotic art that I'm working on. Titled Witch Doctor..the female shaman is helping to suck the demons out of our poor infected princess...

here's a step by step process of how I go about doing some of my illustrations.
( I have  habit of going over paintings I dont like any more)

The grid process helps me fit everything into the space Im working in.

once I have blocked in all the major colors in acrylic...I then finished the art work in Oil..
At the moment this painting is about 60% done..took about 7 hours. When I start the painting in oil, the mind set has to be different, since the paint needs to be handled differently. That will most likely be another 7- 8 in total, two sit ins.

James Bond buff!

Besides Tina Turns Golden eye song...I think this one is great as James Bonds theme intro music.

Holiday shopping expo

Holiday shopping expo, Saturday Dec 10 12p to 4pm...selling everything from clothes to gift sets...need art work. $75 table fee to setup at our event (bring your own foldout). Magician available for kids...working on face painter. Promoting will be on all social media, online papers, Internet radio, we're trying to place ad in Bronx times, and street team will be giving out flyers in all major shop areas. Deadline for table fee is Nov 10. If u want the vendor app please let me know!

contact Lisette @

Lisette is a self made entrepreneur, I suggest anyone looking for a outlet to do business to contact her and take advantage of the opportunity she has presented.

build that shit!

so I was getting tired of having my loose canvas tossed in my studio corners...or in big ol bags...
so I got some tools and put my carpenters hat on..
Ripped out some ugly cabinets that were on the wall..and made my self some space to put my canvas in..
took me about 4 hours to do..most of the work was just measuring things out..spent about 100 bucks on tools and screws..
the wood..I dug up in my of these days Ill paint all one color..but for now..Im glad to organize my work.

next....maybe some stretched draws for my sheets of paper..

twisted...but i like it!


The Rock! (spanish fly series)

this Muse is a complete package all in one..besides being gorgeous..she models is an actress and is a radio personality/ DJ...rumor has it she's a Dominatrix..but I don't have facts to back that up. When I met her I was wowed..and as i got to know her I have been just floored with amazement.

Her name Raquel..but they all know her as the RAQ (rock)

you can catch her on this Pod cast radio online at

Wednesday I think from 6-8.

one night stand

Im showing my work for a one nighter over at the ArtErotica lounge this Oct 26th. NYC
If you would like to meet me and see some of my erotic art up close and personal, then come through and lets share a few drinks.

Madame X is located at  94 West Houston Street, on the north side between LaGuardia Place and Thompson Street.


Monday - Tuesday, 6 p.m. - 2 a.m.

Wednesday - Friday, 6 p.m. - 4 a.m.

Saturday - 7 p.m. - 4 a.m.

Sunday 7 p.m. - 2 a.m.

There is a $5 cover charge beginning between 9 p.m. and 10 p.m. on Friday and Saturday.

You must be 21 and have a valid photo I.D. to enter.

2nd annual erotic show

Gallery 788

Oct 6th 2011
788 Washington boulevard, Baltimore Maryland.

I participated in the first one, and it was a blast. I had lots of fun and this year is sure to be even better. If your in the area be sure to check out the exhibit

the fun starts @ 6PM

new studio

So I am a what  you call these days a Home Owner or FUCKED for short..on the bright studio is about 4 times bigger than the one I had I just might be creating some new wonderful things..I can now paint larger scenes of shock, and have room enough to store them.

seduction by suction

5x7 oil oncanvas board (money shot series)

these for me are realy easy for me  to do, and im having a fun time cranking these out ( excuse the pun)

Specializing in custom cakes

do you have a sweet tooth?..then you are going to want to sink your teeth into her cupcakes!..the flavors will explode in your mouth like never before!.
do you need a special cake that for momentous occasion?..then I suggest you get a hold of the Kake Klub

Force choke

Nothing like a force choke to put your enemies back into place...haha

(wip) 16x20

keep it Lubricated

part of a series of erotic mini paintings called Money Shot
oil on canvas 5x7


Saw Return of the Jedi  last night and got a creative jolt...about half way through it..

Magic fingers

Magic fingers oil on canvas board

Its pretty pink I think.....what do you think?

just because

more Spanish fly

I've been lucky this year to meet some lovely and intelligent woman whom were gracious enough to indulge this artist and be part of my life on going works of Spanish Fly. My goal after this Second set is to exhibit them in NYC where the project started.
How and when is another question..
here's a glimps of some of the new faces included in the series.

Italian Goddess

When I first layed eyes on her ,I knew she was going to be mine in some shape, way or form..
She is the envy of many woman and men alike . She reminds me of one of those European Goddess paintings you see at National museums. But over all..she as sweet as a Saint. Putting her on top of my extended list of muses.

thank you


A bit of film editing at the studio with fellow artist Lucho...

WBFF FOX45 - Cover Story

WBFF FOX45 - Cover Story

the camera man was in love with my hands for some

Corperation control the United States

for those of you who dont know who Raplh Nader is..check the link out..and understand why Our country is so fuck up beyond visible repair!


between her lips

one of my Friend/Muse sent me a cool pic honoring me.
 I had to share it. Its people like these that fuel my inner art fire..she wonderful!

United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

So by request, Im going to be exhibiting some of my Spanish Fly work on the 14th of June in DC.
I will be exhibiting some of my Spanish fly series.
So if your in town, drop through and lets do it like the Latinos do!

Mayflower Renaissance Hotel
1127 Connecticut Ave, NW DC.
7pm to 11pm.

more than a Muse
This Model's name is Luminisa and I was lucky enough to find her..she got what it takes to be a excellent muse in my book, but I was even more impressed to find out she has vocal talents aswell..shes a keeper, on the look out for her in my art work. .

to sin is to be human...

I love to do things in my art to make people gasp sometimes..and when I think about the Conservative Right..and there holy shenanigans...I easiely come up with these type of in your face images.. (chuckles to himself)

G40 Art Whino May 19th

I will be participating again with Art whino this year G40 show...the last one was crazy huge with so much art. this year I will be flexing my Tiki art.

Art Whino returns in 2011 for the second edition of G40. The first G40 art summit in 2010 compounded artistically explosive cultures from all over the world and brought them to the DC metro area. By bringing all of these cultures from throughout the world to one place it allowed the visitor to be fully immersed in over 2000 works by 500 artists organized by floors corresponding to their cultural hubs.

This year G40 explores not cultures but the genres which are on the forefront of creative transitions and growing in large scale with hundreds of thousands of fans throughout the world. Some of these genres include Customized collectibles, Skateboard Art, Stencil, Wheat Paste and 3D Installations.
The G40 Art Summit is a unprecedented experience in the art world with its scale and caliber of artists from around the world. This year the sum…

Urban decay

June 4th in Lorton VA I will be participating at the Urban Decay show hosted by the Work House art center.


Conducted interview by thrillist magazine based in DC

King of Monsters

Growing up..Godzilla was a treat for me to watch on TV Sunday afternoons..usually before the kungfu movies started.

Here in this painting, I wanted to do the beast walking through the city just squashing everything to rubble, from a pilots view point. Im liking the comp on this one and will continue to work on it till satisfaction.

At this stage Im still fleshing it out a bit,aircraft and buildings are only about 50% done.

Yuri Night


this this year we Yuri night is happing again over at Crystal city Virginia..lots of music,booze art and performances with half naked woman doing sweet tricks..
yes..who can pass that up?
I got some pieces in the show and will be taking with me some lucky person...oh who will it be?

Countdown to Yuri's Night 2011
The Artisphere
Rosslyn, VA

Countdown to Yuris Night, a one-night extravaganza of other-worldly magnitude. This event combines visual art, performance, and music to celebrate SPACE.

Every ticket, regardless of which show you choose, gets you entry starting at 8 pm and includes the C2YN "Astro-Pop" Art Exhibition, Cosmonaughty Variety Show, Lunar Dance Party, Reduced-Gravity Chamber (aka moonbounce), Celestial Costume Contests, Complimentary Space Junk, Sci-Fi Trivia, and more...

Get check out the performer line-up and get a sneak peek at the art exhibition online at

Betty and bugs

The fun thing about being a freelance illustrator is that every now and then, some client will commission me to do something fun, these iconic cartoons are part of my child growing up as well as many others.

16x20 acrylic on canvas board

Graphic and Print needs?.....

You want to get a hold of a good friend MYK JONES
our friend goes as far back as learning to turn on a computer...

Not only is Myk a talented artist himself but a promotional ninja. He has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to advertising and printing..if you need any assistance in these fields I suggest you contact him..tell him Elstabo sent you for discounts..

The Adventures of Myk Jones
Graphics • Print • Photography • Web
Tel: 917.806.3253

my Hero

when asked who are your biggest influences..these are the People that come to mind

Bruce, Hef, Ali, and Thompson

Live fast!

I will be exhibiting the Harley Davidson painted gas tank  Saturday Feb 26th at the Harley Davidson Store in Fairfax Virginia with Artwhino. Im just one of the many artist who will be exhibiting their work at this Americana venue.
It should be a motor roaring fun atmosphere!

info can be found on artwhino website here:

Opening Reception

Saturday, February 26th, from 5pm – 8pm

With special guest appearance by the infamous artist “Letterfly” who will demonstrate traditional “old school” pinstriping.

The event is FREE but RSVP required for entrance

Open to the public exhibit
Sunday, February 27th, from 11am – 5pm

Patriot University Seminar “Rolling Art-tips and tricks from the artist himself”
with Letterfly Sunday, February 27th, at 1 PM at Patriot H-D

This seminar is free but limited space is available. Please sign up by emailing

Patriot Harley-Davidson
9739 Fairfax Blvd …

interview by JenniFDB of

Yuri Night - April 9th at the Artisphere!

A new piece for the Yuri show which is put together by Jared Davis yearly..Im planning on doing a few more for submissions this year. Yuri Night is an art show celebrating the first Russian Astronaut.

the show isn't just Art though..there usually Burlesque-ish performance, with jugglers and scantly have naked woman..just the right environment for yours truly :)

hope to see everyone there this year.

for more on the show

Jared Davis

Terence Mckenna


Harley Davidson

ArtWhino Gallery is putting together a exhibit with a Harley Davidson theme at the end Feb, they also are using some gas tanks as canvases...I never painted on a gas tank before..the closes thing I came to  painting anything motor cycle-ish was a few helmets...backin the days when I had air brush fever..
It seemed like a fun idea and Im always up for a is what I have so far...Im planning on doing more blue flames on the side of the tank. Im sure I'll add more to as time goes on.

here are some shots of my Comfy studio..its not much..but I get plenty done in it..

Erotica show Baltimore Feb 11

Erotica show at Gallery 1448 in Baltimore MD. The Gallery is owned and operated
by members of Artist's Housing Inc,  located at 1448 East Baltimore Street at Caroline in Baltimore.

 The Theme for this year's show is POINTS OF VIEW: Erotica from a Male/Female Perspective

I will displaying some of my work with these those of you who are near sure not to miss it.

A lesson for other artist

Back in Halloween 2010..I was asked to submit work by Chastity Sollmer of (ArtistsCompound ) out in Baltimore MD

( here is where you young artist come in )

Normally I like to get either a consigned contract or insurance on the art work for protection...but since this time around I was going on faith, I decided to pass on it and send in some work..

It took a while to get back the art because of scheduling purposes..but I was able to Drive up and get them while on a road trip..when I finally open up the packages to see some of my work chiped and scratch!..the frame isn't such a big deal..but the art work is another thing..

It was my dumb mistake to put faith into would be curators who doesn't respect the artist and there work.
when dealing with people in the art Business,,make sure ,,go over all the fine print and protect your self..
this isn't the first time,,and I'm sure it wont be the last...
I hope up coming artist take this lesson to heart and learn from it...



taking it back.. ELSTABO