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Due to some nonsense, I broke my drawing arm today. Yup broke it!. Not sure when it will be healed let along if it will heal at all!. Worst part is, I'm unable to create any work...and that for me is torture!

I will make attempts in the mean time with the left, but it will be only to kill the boredom or to stop from killing myself.


witch doctor

This piece here is another addition to Aztec erotic art that I'm working on. Titled Witch Doctor..the female shaman is helping to suck the demons out of our poor infected princess...

here's a step by step process of how I go about doing some of my illustrations.
( I have  habit of going over paintings I dont like any more)

The grid process helps me fit everything into the space Im working in.

once I have blocked in all the major colors in acrylic...I then finished the art work in Oil..
At the moment this painting is about 60% done..took about 7 hours. When I start the painting in oil, the mind set has to be different, since the paint needs to be handled differently. That will most likely be another 7- 8 in total, two sit ins.

James Bond buff!

Besides Tina Turns Golden eye song...I think this one is great as James Bonds theme intro music.

Holiday shopping expo

Holiday shopping expo, Saturday Dec 10 12p to 4pm...selling everything from clothes to gift sets...need art work. $75 table fee to setup at our event (bring your own foldout). Magician available for kids...working on face painter. Promoting will be on all social media, online papers, Internet radio, we're trying to place ad in Bronx times, and street team will be giving out flyers in all major shop areas. Deadline for table fee is Nov 10. If u want the vendor app please let me know!

contact Lisette @

Lisette is a self made entrepreneur, I suggest anyone looking for a outlet to do business to contact her and take advantage of the opportunity she has presented.

build that shit!

so I was getting tired of having my loose canvas tossed in my studio corners...or in big ol bags...
so I got some tools and put my carpenters hat on..
Ripped out some ugly cabinets that were on the wall..and made my self some space to put my canvas in..
took me about 4 hours to do..most of the work was just measuring things out..spent about 100 bucks on tools and screws..
the wood..I dug up in my of these days Ill paint all one color..but for now..Im glad to organize my work.

next....maybe some stretched draws for my sheets of paper..