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Tiki Kicks for Inked souls 2010

Art exhibit at Art whino of Sneakers designs by artist accompanied with paintings this December 18th.

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Ive been on the Tiki band wagon lately...and Im enjoying every bit of it.

This is the "Tiki challenge" painting that will be presented with the sneakers.. the painting took a bit to do..and even now..I feel like its not finished .. the painting is 22x28 on canvas board and im pricing it around 2000.00 I dont normaly work at this size..I find it a challenge..


Its easy to do letters inner twine with images on the computer..but doing it by hand on a canvas is another thing..especially if your a inpatient artist like me who likes to get things done fast..

I left this in acrylic form and I did use some markers for some details..I might continue to add to it as time goes on.