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new studio

So I am a what  you call these days a Home Owner or FUCKED for short..on the bright studio is about 4 times bigger than the one I had I just might be creating some new wonderful things..I can now paint larger scenes of shock, and have room enough to store them.

seduction by suction

5x7 oil oncanvas board (money shot series)

these for me are realy easy for me  to do, and im having a fun time cranking these out ( excuse the pun)

Specializing in custom cakes

do you have a sweet tooth?..then you are going to want to sink your teeth into her cupcakes!..the flavors will explode in your mouth like never before!.
do you need a special cake that for momentous occasion?..then I suggest you get a hold of the Kake Klub

Force choke

Nothing like a force choke to put your enemies back into place...haha

(wip) 16x20