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Poison clients

So last year I did a few designs for a client who apparently was working on some short low budget movies.He paid me for the first 4-5 designs, but the last 3 designs he stoled from me. He was paying me through PayPal, but the last designs he paid me under another PayPal account ( which should have been a red flag to me).Later on, the payment was reversed as the account holder apparently belonged to his angered ex-girlfriend.
The job ended up being a lost and a bitter lesson.Now I have received this email...

Marie Lyttle (
Hello my name Marie my kids dad has dealt with you for logos etc. Osha I'd his name so I wanted a couple of logos done also one is Sugar Carrie wit a pic silhouette with fancy letters
My phone number is 7573671407 Marie I want a logo it's two hands that look like puppet hands with the 🌍 underneath it and I want Mingo World in words going around the earth and the fingers on the could you make them look like a m and on the hand it&…