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Countdown to yuri night starts Apr 5th.

Another fun chapter to experience this year with jared davis and crew of Count down to Yuri night.
A celebration of Russia's first astronaut with art. booze, half naked woman and ..oh yeah entertainment!

Fredericksburg art community

Fredericksburge is a small community in Virginia, where George Washington grew up originally. I was introduced by Gabe Pons who is representing some of my work in the area. Here is clip taken on the first friday of the month which a big creative event. All the galleries and shops exhibit their work , musicians play their tunes fueling as the night life in the old colonial town.


Gabriel Pons
712 Caroline Street
Fredericksburg, VA 22401
(540) 656-2215
Mon-Sat 10-6pm, Sun Noon-5pm

the next big show G40 in Richmond VA



G40 Art Summit - Richmond, VA G40 Home Page Calendar of EventsMap of Murals and ExhibitsParticipation in the G40 Mural ArtistsG40 Group ShowWeapons of Mass Change ExhibitMore Than Sunshine Exhibit
Month Long 500+ Low Brow Art Exhibits, Musical Performances and
10 Block Mural Project featuring 13 of the top muralists from around the globe.

Art Whino returns in 2012 for the Third edition of G40. Following the mission of G40s past, we will once again bring exposure to low brow’s many faces and, as always, present what new facets emerge within this ever growing movement. This year G40 focuses on the "Art of the Mural". In the last 5 years, there have been great bursts of street artists transforming the city’s urban fabric with large scale mural artwork. With their powerful and awe evoking size of over five stories high, these murals transform the landscape of the passerby and create a unique experience to each wall that was once blank and artless.

Spanish fly (Michelle)

Some of the juiciness of my Spanish fly portraits isn't always on the exterior, but the story they represent.

I met Michelle recently..and I thought she would be a great muse. To my surprise she mused for another artist before, one who's work was published under the same company that published some of my work . Sure its a small world, but it get even smaller, when it happens that Michelle and I have a mutual friend. An ex lover of mine ( from years ago) who she attend grade school with back in Brooklyn.

She has a sexual confidence and no problem showing it, things that a artist like me looks for and appreciates highly in a muse.

Although Michelle lives hundreds of miles from me, her and I had made a unique connection that can be traced back over 30 years. And that's why it must be represented in this series of mine. Fate has a funny way of making things flourish.

(work in progress)