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A quick interview at Rebelution ink

Black porno

My very first Porno movie was of Black lesbians when I was about 10-11 years old. This was in the days of the VHS craze, when everyone was recording movies from cable TV and duplicating movie rentals (against the FBI warnings)..I guess you an call me an Home movie pirates. Anyway's- my exposure to this was like finding some magical treasure..I was astonished to find out what woman vaginas can do..and what they looked like. That type of knowledge at such an early age played a huge role in my social interactions, I would paralyze the other boys with questions like ( did you know, black pussies are pink inside? ) oh sure its funny now as an adult, but as a child it was like I had skipped a few grades. That seed that was laid would now be what my erotic art is as of today.