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King of Monsters

Growing up..Godzilla was a treat for me to watch on TV Sunday afternoons..usually before the kungfu movies started.

Here in this painting, I wanted to do the beast walking through the city just squashing everything to rubble, from a pilots view point. Im liking the comp on this one and will continue to work on it till satisfaction.

At this stage Im still fleshing it out a bit,aircraft and buildings are only about 50% done.

Yuri Night


this this year we Yuri night is happing again over at Crystal city Virginia..lots of music,booze art and performances with half naked woman doing sweet tricks..
yes..who can pass that up?
I got some pieces in the show and will be taking with me some lucky person...oh who will it be?

Countdown to Yuri's Night 2011
The Artisphere
Rosslyn, VA

Countdown to Yuris Night, a one-night extravaganza of other-worldly magnitude. This event combines visual art, performance, and music to celebrate SPACE.

Every ticket, regardless of which show you choose, gets you entry starting at 8 pm and includes the C2YN "Astro-Pop" Art Exhibition, Cosmonaughty Variety Show, Lunar Dance Party, Reduced-Gravity Chamber (aka moonbounce), Celestial Costume Contests, Complimentary Space Junk, Sci-Fi Trivia, and more...

Get check out the performer line-up and get a sneak peek at the art exhibition online at

Betty and bugs

The fun thing about being a freelance illustrator is that every now and then, some client will commission me to do something fun, these iconic cartoons are part of my child growing up as well as many others.

16x20 acrylic on canvas board

Graphic and Print needs?.....

You want to get a hold of a good friend MYK JONES
our friend goes as far back as learning to turn on a computer...

Not only is Myk a talented artist himself but a promotional ninja. He has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to advertising and printing..if you need any assistance in these fields I suggest you contact him..tell him Elstabo sent you for discounts..

The Adventures of Myk Jones
Graphics • Print • Photography • Web
Tel: 917.806.3253

my Hero

when asked who are your biggest influences..these are the People that come to mind

Bruce, Hef, Ali, and Thompson