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One of the goals this 2013 for me has been collaborating with other artist in order to create unique pieces of art work. So through a mutual friend by the name of S Lynn Cooper I was introduced to another artist ( photographer ) Felix Natal Jr. We both share a admiration for this worlds lovely women, and it shows through our work. You can see his work here at WWW.FelixNatalJr.Com

This year is the year of the snake and some how snakes have been ending up in my work some how, the muse in the painting is known as a Coco Austin, the reference were supplied by Felix the snakes by yours truly.

oil on masonite


A bit of nostalgia came over me as I sketch out my latest muse Zuleika. I have seen this young woman bloome up before my eyes

She is a younger sibling to some old acquaintances of mine whom I known for a good part of my life.

She has a dark wit about her that keep me fascinated and intrigued. Her persona is one of reserved mystery accompanied by shrude intelligence. Its characteristics like these that add flavor to my work, not so much for the masses but for me personally, making my work one to devour even more.

This is just a preliminary sketch, but my finger is completely black from rubbing the pencil lines in to her shapes.. which is appropriate in this circumstance.
this year Urban Decay June 8th I plan to be there to rub elbows with the rest of the artists