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A bit of film editing at the studio with fellow artist Lucho...

WBFF FOX45 - Cover Story

WBFF FOX45 - Cover Story

the camera man was in love with my hands for some

Corperation control the United States

for those of you who dont know who Raplh Nader is..check the link out..and understand why Our country is so fuck up beyond visible repair!


between her lips

one of my Friend/Muse sent me a cool pic honoring me.
 I had to share it. Its people like these that fuel my inner art fire..she wonderful!

United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

So by request, Im going to be exhibiting some of my Spanish Fly work on the 14th of June in DC.
I will be exhibiting some of my Spanish fly series.
So if your in town, drop through and lets do it like the Latinos do!

Mayflower Renaissance Hotel
1127 Connecticut Ave, NW DC.
7pm to 11pm.

more than a Muse
This Model's name is Luminisa and I was lucky enough to find her..she got what it takes to be a excellent muse in my book, but I was even more impressed to find out she has vocal talents aswell..shes a keeper, on the look out for her in my art work. .