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Window view

I recorded some of the process here with my cell excuse the cheap detail and camera work. The subject in the painting is an old friend of mine who is one of those type of woman that just screams sexuality..I was happy to have her as my subject, and she made the process ever more worth. Thanks Patia.

Popping its cherry!

Gallery 788 Presents: 1st Erotic Art Show

Thursday, October 7th 6-10pm Opening Night

October 7-31st

Gallery 788

788 Washington Boulevard

Baltimore, MD 21230

202 210 8361

I will be Selling my Erotic work at this Establishment, mingling with other artist and art collectors..Free entry, adults only please

Mistress of hearts

Just finished this piece for my Circus de Lust series, 38 more paintingsto for those who are in the know..enjoy this korky image

movie maker and after effects

Holy cow..I forgotten how long it took to mess with took me about 8 hours worth of work..I wasnt going for an oscar, just having a lil fun and pimping my self a bit..
My next stop..the porn, im kidding..
...but I can see how I might be able to put something together to better expose my work

Sexy circus series

A new series im currently putting together, its erotica meets circus fun in a lowbrow presentation. Once the collection is complete a book will be packaged up and be availabe for collectors.