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So a few days ago..what I thought was a client...reached out to me when he found me on #thumbtack
a website that caters to artist.

The guy gave me a sob story about being in a hospital as a cancer victim, and that he was moving out of the U.S. and wanted to get his wife a birthday gift for their anniversary. yada yada yada....
he sends me a check

I got the check with in a few days of sealing the deal...Fedex- ed to my house!
I  was rushing to get to the bank before it closed (Saturday) but something seemed off once I opened the package.

1st. red flag....was the name of the check...the check was under a different name!.
I thought maybe it was the guys assistant which he did mention was going to handle his affairs , (since he was in the hospital..)

2nd. red flag was the check paper it self..
The paper itself felt a little light,, and the signature was digitally printed in a different opacity than the rest of the print type.

Being a freelance artist for almost 2 decades, you see a good a…