Return of the dead

So I broke my arm about 4 weeks, and now I'm sort of have- half my strength back. Lifting my arm feels like lifting 80 pounds one handed. and when ever I go to grab something, you can hear the crunching sound which worries me a bit. I was able to write a little similar to my left hand which is a big difference since 2 weeks ago. Normally these type of fractures take up to 6 to 8 weeks to heal..and that's not even expecting a perfect arm again.

its been hell for me, considering all the projects and clients I had to sideline. I'm really hoping in the next 2 weeks to gain full control and strength to really get to work.

anyway's, I couldn't wait any longer so I grabbed a pencil and pen and started to force my arm to obey my commands, far this is where I'm at...not great..but something...

"Oh Art Gods..please bless me arm to full health so that I can get back into the scene with images of wonder"...

"or at least strength enuff to choke someone out!..."



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