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spanish fly series continues

I started one of those personal projects that every artist does at one time or started as a collection on the beauty and talented woman who share my PuertoRican heritage..I completed my first 20 pieces 2 years ago and now I stared the second wave of new additions..I plan to do these as long as Im Am breathing on this earth...So I might not be done for a long time..God willing

Spanish fly book can be purchased here

Tiki Art

My first attempt at Tiki oriented Art..The lovely Sacrice was a young Lady named Christine who was willing to assist me on this  project. The painting took about a week worth of work. The oil painting is 20 x 24 in size on canvas board. I had to go into the painting after I photographed it and remove some high lights on the painting (bad lighting in my studio) Beside the joy of the juicy vixan, the litle tiki statues were also fun to paint in.