Spanish fly series delux

I have been working on a new Spanish fly series and I am planning on making it more of a coffee book. the first one I did a while back was really a test run, and my first attempt at self publishing. Now that I learned a few things about the process, I want to really give the love it truely needs to share with the rest of the planet.

I am holding a Submission calls to any writer/poet who would want to submit their works to be part of this new book.

The subject is their view of either being, or experiencing a relationship with/ or being a Puerto Rican female .

Subjects can be almost anything, I am looking for material that touches on family, up bringing's, society,religion, sex, arts...ect. What ever involves the Puerto Rican woman's being or behavior.

This series was originally created to show the different shades of the woman of my culture, how different they all are and the roles they play in society today. The paintings alone wont exactly convey all those topics but with those creative writers out there, I am confident that it will be a good balance.

So I hope to read some good stuff and please do submit.

deadline Aug 16


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