attempt #2

I got up the other day and smelled the clay, you can say..

I had in mind to do some cartoon head so I can make it quick, and boy was I wrong.
It took me about 12 hours to finish it..if you can even call it finished. I started researching about smoothing the clay, cause I got to a point where it was sort of done but it was really ruff..and I really wanted a smooth feel to fingers can only do so much smoothing on the face at that size. And all the tools I had were for picking ,scraping and after doing some more research I noticed a tool called a Stylus which is a long metal handle and round nib on the end. I thought to myself ; ok I don't have one of I looked around..and found a match in the kitchen..and the head of the match actually worked well for me to get into some of the areas in the face to smooth out..but of course I still end up needing something even I look around my studio..and of course I find a hair I straighten it out..cut off one end..and attach it to a old paint brush handle..with all that said., I managed to smooth out some small detail in the around the nose, eyes and lips.
It's not perfect!; but for a second attempt at Clay, its not too bad.


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