[My Art] Don't Look Now

(oil on canvas  12x24)

Beautiful women being catcalled or ogled in the street is a given in the city and in Latino culture. Even as young age,one of the things I noticed was how men reacted to a beautiful woman as she walked by.

I remember how my mother would tease my father about being careful not to "lose his eyeballs" as a sexy woman would walk by.

I also had an aunt, who was a very beautiful woman. I would tag along with her and her kids on occasional walks through the barrio and almost every time, she would get these low hisses and comments from the men standing around on the sidewalks.

At first created for complete shock value, the painting is also my take on the concept of catcalling and women dealing with men "losing their eyeballs" when they walk in the room. I respect the way women handle the ogling and catcalling with such nonchalance, such indifference, such absolute coolness. It was the above experiences of my youth that made me consider the use of eyeballs in the painting, providing a much more significant and symbolic aspect to the piece.

I hope you enjoy it.  


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