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A few days ago I came across a post on on the matter of Art collectors , called How to Start a Fine Art Collection. It got me thinking about my own ideas about this topic. I can not speak much from the art collectors position, but mostly from the art maker and seller. So here is what I can share from the twenty plus years of doing my craft.

In my situation there has been two major factors in people who collect my work, those who have shared personal moments with me and those who feel connected or admire the subject of my work. Social functions always played a major role in the sales of my art work, those people who collected my work usually shared some sort experience with me.

Example: There was a young woman who would attend frequent art shows I exhibit in, after repeated interactions with her I asked her one day to be part of my art work. Since then she has modeled for me in several paintings and through out that time I have given her 5 of my original paintings out of appreciation. So it pays to get to know the artist.

Other times people buy my work because they connect with the subject matter. One day I exhibited a large piece and was approached by a well off to do gentleman who asked me about my art work. After briefly explaining the construction of the piece he admitted to me that he once had a similar experience that was depicted in the painting (orgy scene). Shortly after he asked me if there was anyway I could do the piece larger, and from that brief interaction alone he commissioned me to do a similar piece at double the size.

So interaction with the artist plays an important key to collecting their work. Don't be shy about sending them an email or asking them questions when they are in the room with you. Artist are seeking to connect with people all the time , especially art collectors.

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