Poison clients

So last year I did a few designs for a client who apparently was working on some short low budget movies.He paid me for the first 4-5 designs, but the last 3 designs he stoled from me. He was paying me through PayPal, but the last designs he paid me under another PayPal account ( which should have been a red flag to me).Later on, the payment was reversed as the account holder apparently belonged to his angered ex-girlfriend.
The job ended up being a lost and a bitter lesson.Now I have received this email...

Marie Lyttle (mlyttle09@gmail.com)To:you Details

Hello my name Marie my kids dad has dealt with you for logos etc. Osha I'd his name so I wanted a couple of logos done also one is Sugar Carrie wit a pic silhouette with fancy letters

My phone number is 7573671407 Marie I want a logo it's two hands that look like puppet hands with the 🌍 underneath it and I want Mingo World in words going around the earth and the fingers on the could you make them look like a m and on the hand it's a tattoo Ling on each hand u may not be able to see it clear cuz that's the only pic we could find it's for my nephew he got murdered 
Marie Lyttle (mlyttle09@gmail.com)
To:you DetailsHi im sorry it has taken me long to respond just had alot going on i knowosha said u take 35 upfront and show the final afterwards so you can start on the one for mingo world first i get paid every two weeks so right after that finishes i want the next one and i will try to call you also thank u 

I am posting this as a warning for any young artist/designer out there when dealing with online clients.There will be people out there who want something for nothing and have no respect for your business.Cash up front or money orders will be the safest way when dealing with clients in my opinion.  Paypal will always give the customer the right of way over the seller, so be careful of who you are dealing with.


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