So a few days ago..what I thought was a client...reached out to me when he found me on #thumbtack
a website that caters to artist.

The guy gave me a sob story about being in a hospital as a cancer victim, and that he was moving out of the U.S. and wanted to get his wife a birthday gift for their anniversary. yada yada yada....
he sends me a check

I got the check with in a few days of sealing the deal...Fedex- ed to my house!
I  was rushing to get to the bank before it closed (Saturday) but something seemed off once I opened the package.

1st. red flag....was the name of the check...the check was under a different name!.
I thought maybe it was the guys assistant which he did mention was going to handle his affairs , (since he was in the hospital..)

2nd. red flag was the check paper it self..
The paper itself felt a little light,, and the signature was digitally printed in a different opacity than the rest of the print type.

Being a freelance artist for almost 2 decades, you see a good amount of personal, business and paychecks in your life time.So to be on the safe side, I will have the bank look into it before actually cashing it.

Once I spoke to the bank manager about my suspicion, he did a few things to see if the check was fraudulent. After wards, his assessment was about 80% fake, but he wasn't completely sure.
So I called up the bank that is on the actual check and gave them all the info on the check...and they confirmed to me that the check was fraud!.

Its easy today to get scammed...and being an artist its easy to get duped if you don't pay attention to those red flags. Listen to your intuition, you'll save yourself a huge headache, and from loosing any money you had worked hard for.

If I had cashed that check.. the same amount if not all of my money would have been stolen...stay frosty out  there my people! There's plenty of scum bags out there and you got to be on the look out.

the scammer info :

 Anthony smith

feel free to send him a


  1. This person just texted me out of the blue (quick google search of the phone number and email address brought me to your blog) and said they wanted a anniversary present for their wife. Thanks for saving me the trouble of finding out for myself that they're a waste of time!

    BTW your work is stunning--at least something good came out of googling this P.O.S.

  2. brother, I owe you a beer....he just tried the same thing with me....

  3. They are changing up their game. A girl named "Jessica Anthony" called us today, said she found us on WeddingWire & wanted to hire us to video her birthday party next month. Something seemed wrong, and your site confirmed it. Thanks for sharing your story on your site!


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