Surreal art

I don't do much surreal art but I wanted to give it an go. This process has gave me a opportunity to do something of a personal matter. Back in August 2015 my lovely friend Sylvia Ortiz crossed over, after a long battle with cancer. She was a great artist and awesome human being. She mothered me with lots of love and spoke bluntly on my work like the Puerto Rican sister she was. She was one of the first people I associated with, back in my early Virginia days and the chemistry we shared was rock solid. The morning after I came back from the hospital visit I had a dream, In this dream I remember sketching in a empty room with stairs leading upward. At the bottom of the stairs a black dress was floating with no human body with-in it. The dress floated all around me and it then grabbed a white blanket, and covered me - pushing me back onto a bed in the next room. I was tucked into the bed like a child but I could't see the one doing this. I felt some spirit shaking me, as if to wake up, when I finally did I heard a message come through on my phone. The message was from Sylvia's partner, informing me she is no longer suffering on this earth. A few days later I connected with a woman named Carmen who had some association with Sylvia's past, who eventually met me personally at one of my art shows. Since that time, Carmen and I have built up a good relationship as friends and creative partners. Carmen one day showed me one of her portfolio references that Sylvia was planning on incorporating in her own work, but never got that chance to. Because of that, I decided to pick up where Sylvia left off and somehow in this unexpected love triangle, this piece of artwork has graciously manifested. I miss you Sylvia and I hope to see you again one day.


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