Tuesday, June 25, 2013

the art world

I dont bother much with my views on the art world. but today for some weird reason ( maybe its the heat) I felt like getting on the soap box.

So your an artist trying to make it in the Art world, and you study, and you go reach out and network, mingle with other artist and meet curators and such..get your work published..and yet. you see some crap art work out there that sells for thousands and even millions. What is it your doing wrong, why the hell some of these hack artist make crazy amounts of loot with work that seem to be slapped together over night in some drunken rage...well...it comes down to basically one thing..who's dick you are riding..sorry ..who you know!

I ve been one to work my craft and skills to the point where people are just shocked and amazed, but even I have my moments like..wtf, how come I aint rich yet!!!!..

I got a good look at the inner workings of the art world these past few days, the stuff your dont see...warehouses of art work that bounces from one end of wow to the other end of ... oh god..burn it!.

The folks purchasing these things?...filthy rich be on belief.

But it isn't so much for the appreciation of the work rather than..something they can hang up and brag about.

which brings me back to why the fuck, bother doing it...at least for me..its the love of the craft..Id rather sit in my room and just paint things that will make people go," damn..or awwwe".. any reaction...to me its some sort of success...but business wise...its a handicap..

Part of that reason is why I do more than just paint tits and ass's..I can do other things..such as photography, sculpting, digital graphics and so on..Arm your self for this world, would be artist... its a strange one..pick your grounds, then attack!

the more your know how things operate in the world, the better off you will be!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Spanish fly series delux

I have been working on a new Spanish fly series and I am planning on making it more of a coffee book. the first one I did a while back was really a test run, and my first attempt at self publishing. Now that I learned a few things about the process, I want to really give the love it truely needs to share with the rest of the planet.

I am holding a Submission calls to any writer/poet who would want to submit their works to be part of this new book.

The subject is their view of either being, or experiencing a relationship with/ or being a Puerto Rican female .

Subjects can be almost anything, I am looking for material that touches on family, up bringing's, society,religion, sex, arts...ect. What ever involves the Puerto Rican woman's being or behavior.

This series was originally created to show the different shades of the woman of my culture, how different they all are and the roles they play in society today. The paintings alone wont exactly convey all those topics but with those creative writers out there, I am confident that it will be a good balance.

So I hope to read some good stuff and please do submit.

deadline Aug 16